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Elastic Virtual Servers

Create your own virtual server & manage your servers resources.

What's Included....

You can now take control and build your own virtual server with the resources that you need. With our Elastic Virtual Servers, you can increase or decrease your server resources, letting you pay for the resources when you need them.

Have the freedom to select where you would like to to provision your Virtual Server in any one of our Australian data centres that are located in Sydney (New South Wales) and Melbourne (Victoria)

Lowest Price Highend Hardware Max Speed Ultra Fast SSD Hosting
Powered by Openvz
Have your new server Instantly provision in minutes High Performance DELL Servers with Intel SSD Drives Select from 4 major citys from around Australia
Access our network with 1Gbps connectivity Have the flexibility to upgrade your plan or resources We're IPv6 ready with automatic IPv6 provisioning
Our network is protected with DDOS protection Have access to our easy & friendly to use control panel Select any of our Linux premade templates

Economy Virtual Servers
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Enterprise Virtual Servers
Find out more about our Fully-Managed Virtual Servers
Windows Virtual Servers
Find out more about our Windows Virtual Servers
cPanel Virtual Servers
Find out more about our cPanel Virtual Servers

Let's Build Your Elastic Virtual Server

Select the location below to choose where you want your virtual server located Select one of the options to register, transfer or update your domain name Select the amount of resources that you need to start with for your server Complete the order form and payment to have your new server instantly provisioned

Please select your server location

Sydney Melbourne

Not sure which location to select?

By selecting the closest location to you, you will experience the lowest latency.

Start with the minimum server resources
Have your new server instantly activated
Increase your resources as you need them
Remove any resources when you no longer need them
Re-install your servers operating system at anytime
Manage the reverse DNS for your servers IP address
Enable and disable TUN/TAP for VPN connectivity
Everything (including increasing and decreasing your server resources) is automated!
Manage your server and your servers resources from your palm using your smartphone

Select your Operating System
CentOS fedora
debian ubuntu

Make payment simple with these options

Visa MasterCard Bank Transfer bPay

Software Licensing

cPanel $16.50/month
cPanel + Softaculous $21.50/month
cPanel + Installatron $21.50/month
cPanel + Fantastico $21.50/month
LiteSpeed Web Server $20.00/month
WHMCS (Branded) $16.50/month
WHMCS (Unbranded) $19.50/month


* All prices advertised include sales taxes (e.g. GST)
* All prices advertised are in AUD (Australian Dollars)
Server Management
Bronze Management $69.95/month
Silver Management $179.95/month
Gold Management $349.95/month

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