Exigent Australia
Australia's Cloud Service Provider

We're delivering high-performance Cloud Servers where you
choose the resources that you'll need for your server.


Our Elastic Business, Economy & Reseller Cloud Hosting gives you the freedom to manage your cloud hosting. As one size does not fit all, you can choose the disk space, bandwidth, add-on and parked domain names that fits your environment.


Our Elastic Cloud Servers allows you to have the freedom to scale up and down your servers resources, letting you have the control to manage your servers resources.

Take control and manage
your storage space

Scale up or down your
vCPU processors

Manage your servers RAM
when you need more or less

Provision licenses for your
server when you need them

Choose from any Linux or
Windows Operating System

Take a full backup
and restore data in seconds

Add and remove IP Addresses
when you need them

Scale up and down your
bandwidth requirements

Whether it's for Personal, Business or Enterprise needs,
we have the solution for you!

Situated in Tier III Equinix data centres across Australia, Exigent Australia provides a Cloud Service with a dedicated team that is set out to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

Whether you are looking for Cloud Hosting, Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers, Colocation or a Digital Office solution for your business,
we have the resources and a team who are ready to deliver the right solution for you and your business.

Elastic Cloud Hosting
Choose from our Business, Economy or Reseller Cloud Hosting services that will suit your hosting environment
Have access to your cloud hosting through our customer web portal or through a cPanel control panel
You will have access to your R1Soft backups so that you can restore your website or data at anytime
Modify your cloud hosting environment through cPanel using our PHP configuration tools
Each Cloud Hosting account includes unlimited e-mail addresses, MySQL databases & more
Elastic Cloud Servers
You get to build your very own cloud servers with the storage space, vCPU processors, memory and bandwidth that you need to start off with
Manage your cloud server by being able to scale up and down your cloud server's resources at the click of the mouse
Be able to manage your cloud server through our powerful control panel or let us help you to semi or fully manage it
We provide a high level of hardware redundancy that lets us deliver the highest service availability for our customers
You can setup and manage or let us help you to manage your local and remote server backups
Purchase and instantly activate your licenses (cPanel, WHMCS, Cloud Linux, LiteSpeed Web Server and more) through our customer web portal for your cloud server
Essential & Advanced Server Management
We assist or we will manage your servers Operating System
We complete regular security audits and updates
We install and configure any third party applications that is needed for your business
We proactively install, configure and manage any Antivirus software
We complete any security hardening and on-going management for any server security hardening
Server Monitoring - resolve all incident alerts and provide fault reports
Interact with our Level 3 Technical Support team members
Have priority technical support 24 hours, 7 days a week

Do you need to talk to one of our sales team members about a custom solution for you and your business?

Or call our sales team on +61 (0)7 3018 7566 to talk to one of our sales team members today.

Bare Metal Ready-to-Go
Dedicated Servers

Our Ready-to-Go Dedicated Servers can have
your new server online within 2 hours.

Custom Build Your Own
Dedicated Server

Optimise your dedicated server with extra RAM,
Processors, Disk Drives & more.

Bare Metal Dedicated Servers that are
Ready-to-Go or built to your specification!

Whether you're looking to upgrade from shared web hosting, a virtual server or moving from another dedicated server.
We have the solution that will fit you and your business environment.

Dedicated Servers Facts
Ready-to-Go Dedicated Servers are setup and will be online within 2 hours (setup during business hours, Monday to Saturday).
We guarantee to provide the lowest prices for dedicated servers or we'll beat the advertised price*
We allow custom Operating System installations through the servers remote access web control panel
Customers have access to the web control panel where you can remotely manage the server plus have access to the servers console
Dedicated Servers come with a 1Gbit Ethernet connection
Customers the ability to scale the servers hardware (RAM, CPU, Disk Drives & Bandwidth) for increased performance
Choose from our range of SAS and SSD Disk Drives
We provide hardware RAID controllers with all of our dedicated servers to create redundant disk arrays
Choose to have a redundant power so that you can safeguard your server from power failure

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