Hosted Desktop + Hosted Exchange

More often than not, small to medium size businesses are faced with the cost for I.T. infrastructure and proper technical support that isn’t cost-effective and efficient.

From time to time, staff numbers can fluctuate and there may be a need for staff to be mobile.  Our Corporate Cloud is the perfect answer to that very need.

Our Corporate Cloud provides secure access for businesses to be able to store and access their data anywhere, anytime and it helps to give businesses the option to have their employees work from the office, other office locations, from home, the airport or in any other remote location with 3G/4G or WiFi access.

Our Corporate Cloud platform was created to better help small to medium size businesses that want to move to the Cloud and reduce the overall cost, complexity, and the efforts associated with managing their I.T. infrastructure.

Businesses can gain the benefits of being able to scale up and down without the cost for infrastructure and licenses.  Our Corporate Cloud effectively gives your business the resources it needs while we manage your applications, desktops, e-mail, data, security and everything else.

BYOD Opportunities
Using a Cloud hosted solution, staff can effectively choose to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  By allowing employees to bring their own device, they can effectively organise and answer important work related e-mails wherever they may be while still being connected to their personal life.

Making It Easy
We have made connecting to our Hosted Desktop and Hosted Exchange easy and simple to use.  Logging into our web access portal allows businesses to access their hosted applications and data or alternatively logging onto our private network and using a locally hosted desktop/laptop application.