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Elastic Economy Cloud Servers

Elastic Cloud Servers that lets you pay for only the resources that you need.

Why Elastic Virtual Server?

Provision Access Storage IPv6

We utilise XEN for virtualization with our Economy Cloud Servers. XEN Virtual Servers gives you the full functionality of a dedicated server with dedicated resources.

The resources for Elastic Economy Cloud Servers are dedicated to your virtual server and is not shared with any other virtual machines. We always continue to invest in our infrastructure to deliver a reliable and high performing platform for our customers.

We connect directly to multiple TIER-1 network providers through Fibre. Customers can now deliver content faster with up to 1 Gb of network connectivity.

The Benefits of Elastic Cloud Servers

Flexibility to Scale Cost Savings Reliability High Performance
With Elastic Cloud Servers, you are able to simply scale up and down your servers resources at anytime with changes being applied to the server in seconds.
With the ability to scale up and down your servers resources, you simply pay for only the resources that you need at the time.
Using only DELL Enterprise Servers and enterprise hardware with redundancy built into our network, we've set out to deliver reliable Elastic Cloud Servers.
Utilising only Enterprise Disk Storage with our Elastic Servers, we've guaranteed to deliver the highest performance for each Cloud Elastic Virtual Server.

Let us help you manage your Server while you manage your business
We have a dedicated technical support team who can help take care of your server and applications. Our team is here can assist with any unresolved issues and unanswered questions with your server, monitor your server and backup jobs and more.
Initial Setup & Configuration cPanel Installation Security & Server Hardening Automated R1Soft Backups
24 by 7 Server Monitoring cPanel Migration Assistance Reverse DNS Configuration Assistance with Troubleshooting

Configure Your Cloud Instance


Each CPU core included (vCPU Power)
9 GB
9 GB

Dedicated Memory + Burstable Memory included
170 GB

RAID 10 Disk Storage Space
1 TB

Bandwidth included per month, at 1000 Mbit/s Network Port
* Price is based on the selected resources. Additional add-ons are available during checkout and after provisioning is completed.
* All prices are in AUD (Australian Dollar) and include GST.

*Estimated Price
359 .32 /mo

  Not required

Available Linux Operating Systems


Elastic Economy Cloud Servers are self-managed and gives you the opportunity to add-on our semi-management so that our technicians can better assist with basic request to complete any configuration changes for you.

Our dedicated level 2 & level 3 technical support team who are available 24 hours, 7 days a week and is always ready to help with answering any technical support questions and help to resolve any quieries that you may have.


Across our network, we use only DELL Server infrastructure that delivers us reliable and high performing hardware. Each of our DELL Servers connects to both power feeds for power redundancy while each of our servers include hardware RAID, using RAID 10 for data storage redundancy and performance.


Upgrading or downgrading your Elastic Servers resources is simple and only takes just a few minutes. Through our Cloud Portal, you can change your servers resources and when your changes have been selected, this will be automatically applied to your Elastic Server for you with no downtime during these changes.

Pricing for resource upgrades is based on a pro-rata fee for the anniversary date of the service. Credit will be automatically applied to the billing account in Cloud Portal when downgrading any server resources.


When adding on our Semi-Management you are also adding on the daily R1Soft local backup and weekly R1Soft remote backup services, giving you peace of mind knowing that your data is backed up multiple times each week.

Daily backups are automated each night and retains up to 7 retention points. Weekly backups are automated each Friday night and retains up to 5 retention points.

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