Delivering More Desktops Everyday

We understand that learning how to use a new desktop platform is time consuming and this is why we have developed a proprietary desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) that gives you the same functionality as your local desktop.

We give you 10 reasons why businesses are moving to our Hosted Cloud Desktop

  1. We have helped drive cost down for businesses
  2. Using the latest technology that delivers a faster desktop experience
  3. We provide a dedicated team of desktop experts
  4. Store your data in the cloud and access it from anywhere in the world
  5. Scale up or down with our Standard and Microsoft Office desktop plans
  6. We can integrate your applications into our Hosted Desktop Cloud platform
  7. Hosted in state-of-the-art data centres that delivers redundancy
  8. We manage the hardware to deliver an always-on desktop experience
  9. We backup the data and provide a disaster recovery plan
  10. We make migrating to the Cloud easy

A Customised Hosted Desktop Solution

We can customise a desktop solution that fits your business.  From using a standard desktop through to using Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access and many other applications) you can have control over the solution that fits your business requirements.

Helping To Drive Down Cost

We have helped drive cost down by almost half for businesses who are connecting to our Hosted Desktop solution.  No longer do you need to pay for the new hardware or new versions of Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office as we manage the infrastructure and applications for you.

Storing Your Data In The Cloud

We have made it easy to store your data in the cloud and our team of experts can help you with migrating your data to the cloud for you.  Once your data is in the Cloud, it can be easily accessible through our Hosted Desktop solution or by connecting to the Cloud through VPN (Virtual Private Network) connectivity.

State-Of-The-Art Data Centres

We house our infrastructure in state-of-the-art data centres that are Tier 3 certified.  Tier 3 data centres feature advance security (e.g. bio-metric finger print readers and closed-circuit video monitoring) with cutting-edge environmental controls (e.g cooling systems and fire suppression).