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Hosted Virtual Desktop

Helping businesses to work anywhere from the cloud

Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop looks and behaves exactly like a regular Desktop PC. Hosted in the Cloud, you can remotely access your desktop from anywhere in world at anytime.
Hosted Applications

Hosted Applications

Use the same applications as you do now from the Cloud using our Hosted Desktop platform. This means that you will access your applications and data securely wherever you are.


As your business evolves, so does the need to increase capacity. Our services can easily scale up or down with your business requirements.

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  • Benefits
  • How It Works
  • Design & Migration
  • How To Order

Hosted Desktop

  • Virtual Desktop

    Virtual Desktop

    Our Hosted Desktop lets you work from the Cloud using applications while storing your personal and business data in the Cloud. With a Hosted Desktop, you're free to access your desktop from anywhere.

  • Latest Applications

    Stay ahead with using the latest desktop applications including Microsoft Office on our Hosted Desktop. By using the latest applications on our Hosted Desktop, we'll manage the licensing and upgrades for you.

  • Remote Assistance

    We're able to shadow a users session in real time and better assist with any technical support queries. By shadowing a users session, we can better resolve a request more efficiently.

  • Application Mobility

    Access our applications like Microsoft Office directly from our Hosted Desktop Platform through our web portal and our Virtual Desktop, no matter where you may be and from any device.

  • Cost Efficient

    There's no up front cost, no unpredictable monthly invoices and no on-going cost for hardware. We're able to help in reducing your cost and tailor a plan to suit you and your business.

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Private & Secure
Any Device
Storage Space
Protected by
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Hosted Desktop or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offers everything that you come to expect from a standard desktop. Offering a secure & reliable desktop platform, more businesses continue to move towards this platform to better centralise their business in the Cloud.

Premium User Experience
We have engineered our Hosted Desktop to deliver a premium experience that lets you use applications and store personal and business data inside the cloud that is accessible from anywhere.

A range of Desktop flavours
Connect to our Basic Desktop that includes access to your data and basic Microsoft applications or access to our Full Desktop that includes the full Microsoft Office suite.

Shifting the burden to the Cloud
We have streamline our Desktop as a Service so that it includes managing user logon accounts, security access to company folders, data backup & disaster recovery.
100% Uptime Guaranteed
We are confident in delivering to our customers our 100% uptime guarantee, we even back it with our Service Level Agreement.

Australian Hosted
Our infrastructure is hosted in Tier 3 data centres in major capital cities around Australia with direct connectivity to Amazon and Google.

Our Hosted Desktop Disaster Recovery Prepares You
Connecting to our Hosted Desktop prepares your business to continue working when a natural (earthquakes, bushfires, cyclones, storms and floods) or manmade (fire, cybersecurity attack, or political motivation) disaster happens.
Flood Fire Power Outage Network Crash

Managing Scability
Our Hosted Cloud Desktop is completely flexible and helps your business to scale up and down according to the particular demands of the business during any period.

Businesses pay for the resources that they need when staff start and finish while applications can be distributed to them within minutes, no longer needing to predict future I.T. cost.
Increasing Productivity
No longer do you need to distribute company software to multiple workstations or call on staff to return their devices for new software to be installed or updated. Adding your software to our application pool can make the process simple for staff to access.

Software from our application pool can be launched from our Hosted Cloud Desktop or directly from our Web Access portal.
Work Anywhere
Log onto our Hosted Desktop platform where you can access your data and applications in real-time.

Speed of the Cloud
We can have your business quickly setup and new users added and ready to work in just minutes.
End-User Experience
Run the same applications as you do now while using the same data as if you're working on a local computer.
Web Application Access
Have the ability to access your applications through a Hosted Desktop or our Web Access portal.

Desktop PC


Thin Client

PC Stick

Access your Hosted Desktop and Applications from any computer and freely move from desk to desk or from location to location.
Work remotely no matter where you may be. Logon from your Laptop and access your Hosted Desktop and Applications.
Thin Clients can help reduce your overhead cost while using a Hosted Desktop service from the Cloud.
PC on a Stick is new technology that helps to remove the cluter from your workspace and reduce your overhead cost.

Plan & Design

Build & Migrate

Manage & Support

Plan & Design
Our approach is simple and with our extensive experience, our team of expert architects who are well-experienced in designing solutions can help your business take full advantage of the Hosted Desktop Cloud solution.

We can provide a ready-to-go solution that is tailored to getting small businesses online more efficiently or provide a customised solution for your business that is tailored to gaining the full benefits of a Hosted Desktop solution.

Build & Migrate
By selecting our ready-to-go Hosted Desktop solution or a customised solution for your business, it is our goal to transition you and your business to the cloud to better improve your business security, performance, scalability, backups, redundancy and disaster recovery with high performing systems.

Moving applications to the cloud can suffer from performance and reliability issues. Our cloud architecture experts help to transition your applications into the cloud and fully optimising it to deliver the best performance.

Manage & Support
Our support team is built around providing innovative and exceptional IT services for your business.

Whether you may be working remotely or from the office, we provide real time support through shadowing a users session and resolving a request more efficiently.

Our Hosted Desktop solution involves a team of experts who monitor, maintain and manage the security for each of our services and applications that keep your business running smoothly.

How To Order

Contact our Sales Team today and discuss how we can help you get connected to our Hosted Desktop.

Your contact details are kept private and will only be used to contact you about your enquiry.

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