Exigent’s New Corporate Cloud

We are pleased to be announcing the launch of our new Corporate Cloud platform today, adding a number of new Hosted Cloud services for businesses to connect too.

The Corporate Cloud platform is bringing next generation Microsoft hosted services to businesses all over Australia including Hosted Cloud Exchange, Hosted Cloud Desktops plus Hosted Storage giving our customers a pay-as-you-go alternative to traditional desktop solutions with access to Hosted Applications like Microsoft Office.

Hosted Cloud Desktop
Our Hosted Cloud Desktop is a premium cloud-hosting service that delivers the traditional desktop experience.   We are able to better help with reducing the costs and challenges associated with provisioning, updating and securing PC environments while offering everything that you come to expect from a Office Hosted solution.

Businesses continue to evolve and so does the need to increase the capacity of your I.T. infrastructure.  Connecting to our Hosted Cloud Desktop lets you easily scale up or down as your business grows.

Hosted Cloud Exchange
The launch of our Hosted Cloud Exchange comes directly on the heels of launching our new Hosted Cloud Desktop that we have combined into our new Corporate Cloud platform.

As we have come to rely heavily on communication amongst staff, customers, friends and family, our Hosted Cloud Exchange features a enterprise class platform for business emails that includes reliability, security and accessibility from any device.

To find out more about our new Corporate Cloud, visit our new Corporate Cloud website today