Ubuntu now with KDE Desktop

Now you can enjoy the power of a graphical desktop interface with your new Ubuntu server.

Available with Ubuntu 13.04 & 13.10 (32bit & 64bit), you can simply use the Remote Desktop Client on your Windows PC to remote into your new Ubuntu Server and use your mouse to drag, drop & click.

As part of our commitment to bringing more to our customers this year, we will also be continuing to develop other Linux distributions with the KDE desktop on each of our virtual platforms (OpenVZ, XEN & KVM).

Using the KDE desktop, you can simply store your files on your virtual server and be able to work remotely by accessing your files anywhere, anytime.  Our Ubuntu KDE desktop comes with LibreOffice and allows you to work on word documents, spreadsheets, presentation files & much more.


Want to try the new Ubuntu KDE Desktop?  Check out our Virtual Server plans and order your new virtual server with Ubuntu KDE Desktop today.