We light up Melbourne’s IPv6 Network

We’re extending our IPv6 network this year and we’re excited to have lit up our Melbourne network with IPv6.

Last year we lit up our Sydney network with IPv6 and with the success of provisioning thousands of IPv6 IP addresses for our customers, we’re rolling out our IPv6 IP network across all of our sites throughout 2014.

The most visible part is the change from a 32-bit IP addressing scheme to 128-bit IP addressing scheme.  For example, 32-bit being the IPv4 IP address (e.g. will be the new 128-bit IPv6 IP address (e.g. 2407:0500:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0166).  Of course a IPv6 IP address can be cut down to appear as 2407:500::166.

Looking to have some IPv6 IP’s added to your service?
IPv6 IP addresses are FREE and our provisioning team can add these IP addresses to your provisioned service with us.  Simply contact our provisioning team and place your request for your IPv6 IP addresses.