We’re cutting the red tape….

You’ve told us what you would like for us to change and we’re listening….

Recently we have announced that we are making some of our biggest changes for the first time in almost 5 years and we are now taking action with cutting the red tape on our policies, eliminating fees and creating a more productive and easier policy for our customers to enjoy.

We’re abolishing our invoice late fee policy so that we can better deliver our monthly invoice fee to you… even after the invoice due date.

We’re also cutting out the cancellation policy and changing the way we send out our overdue notices and suspending a service for your overdue invoices.

As of the 27th of October, we will be rolling out these changes to our terms and conditions after receiving your feedback.

  • All new invoices will now be issued 7 days before your new invoice due date and then followed by a friendly reminder 2 days before the invoice due date.
  • The first overdue notice will be sent on the first day after the invoice due date.
  • The second overdue notice will be sent on the second day after the invoice due date.
  • Finally, the third overdue notice and suspension notice will be sent on the third day after the invoice due date.
  • Resuming your service when it has been suspended is easy and can be automatically done once the invoice has been paid. Just remember that no late fee will be added to your overdue invoice.
  • For those invoices that are not yet paid 14 days after the invoice due date, the service will be automatically cancelled by our system.

We always encourage our customers to contact our Billing team who are always ready to assist with any assistance you may need with your invoices.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more announcements as we roll out more changes over the coming weeks.